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When new opportunities arise negotiating your worth is all about preparation and skill. Advocating your worth is not a skill you are typically taught in school, yet one that makes a monumental difference in how much money you will make in your life. Today, women typically ask for less than what men do, and are often more qualified for the jobs that they apply for. Join this webinar and learn a structure and process for negotiating that you can count on when you need it.

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Megan Marini is an inspirational speaker, meditation teacher, and entrepreneur. She is a a Co-founder of the Boston Business Women, a networking group with over 10K women, and a yearly conference. Megan started meditating at age 7, and after a stint in corporate America, left to teach yoga full time. She speaks on creating inner resources such as self-confidence, negotiation skills and building emotional intelligence. She believes that the more at peace we are with ourselves the more capable we are at showing up for the world. Although she does not bow to the oxford comma, she will always drop down to hug a four-legged hairy friend.

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