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    This webinar will focus on the crucial elements of a resume in 2017.  Special attention will be paid to the idea of customization and focusing on accomplishments and contributions over tasks.  In addition, the webinar will focus on how to explain your time as a stay-at-home parent.

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  • Robynne Schwartz is an ACRW Certified Resume Writer. She works with stay-at-home-moms on creating resumes and planning their return to the workplace.

    Robynne’s background as an instructor, trained guidance counselor and natural sales person enables her to help those looking to reach their full potential put their best self forward. She has years of experience as an administrator, educator, adviser, and membership coordinator.

    Robynne earned a BA at Columbia University and MS at Capella University. She also completed post graduate work at the University of Minnesota.

    Robynne is married with two sons. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and volunteering with local organizations.  Her website is

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1 review for Resume Tips from the Experts

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    Excellent tips! Reminding me that less is more!

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