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    Oftentimes the pending return to the workforce exposes cracks in your confidence that have nothing to do with your skills and everything to do with your professional image.

    You begin to ask yourself – Do I look outdated, out of style, out of the loop? How will I interface with co-workers and leaders if I don’t look or feel current and confident?

    This webinar will provide you with DIY actionable tips to take strategic control of your image, your personal brand and ultimately your self-confidence.

    Takeaways will include answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:
    • Where Do I Begin?
    • How Can I Build My Confidence From The Inside Out?
    • How Do I Build A Working Wardrobe?
    • Am I Ready To Do This?

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  • Doreen Dove is an award-winning expert in the field of Image Consulting who coaches women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image and fully engage in the possibilities of their future.

    Her extensive background in all aspects of retail has uniquely qualified her to work with clients of all ages and professions, coaching them to personal style success.

    In addition to her one-on-one work with individual clients, Doreen conducts workshops and seminars for corporate groups and speaks at conferences across the country.

    Doreen empowers women to live fully engaged with confidence, knowing they are communicating the best version of themselves to further their personal and professional goals.

    Her recently published book, Confidence Is Always In Style, provides in depth expertise to help women identify and express their most authentic image with humor and clever insight.

    For more information, and a more detailed resume of skills and experience, please visit Doreen’s website at or her LinkedIn profile at:

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2 reviews for Returning to Work? Get Your Professional Image Ready!

  • (verified owner) ,

    Love love love Doreen’s 20 essentials list! Post kids none of my work clothes fit me. Sooo helpful in how to start building a new and affordable work wardrobe. Thank you!

  • ,

    Thank you Regina! Enjoy shopping for the items on the list and go get that job dressed for success!
    Miki, Founder IamBackatWork

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