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    What do LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all have in common? They are all tools that can help you land your next job! Whether you are brand new to social media or a day-one adopter, there is plenty for you to learn in this webinar. When you combine a strong LinkedIn profile with your network on your other platforms, you’ll find yourself having the resources to look critically at the jobs and companies that you are applying to and making the best career decisions you are able to make. You do not need to spend hours on job search sites in order to find your next job, and I’ll show you why. In this webinar, I’ll walk through how you can harness the power of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help empower you to find the best job for you.

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  • Amanda Fakhreddine is a former reporter turned social media marketing innovator Top Knot Branding. She has successfully developed social media programs at Spare Change News, Harpoon Brewery, Akamai Technologies, Jobcase and Deacon Giles Distillery. Her creative campaigns and marketing strategies have earned awards including Top 25 Socially Engaged Companies (LinkedIn and Altimeter) and Top 100 Companies Using Social Media For Corporate Communication (Investis). When she’s not live-tweeting events, or planning social campaigns, you can find teaching a TRX Bootcamp at Turnstyle Cycle or leading online challenge groups. She earned a B.S. in journalism from Boston University. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram at @afakhreddine

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